Hasemart four drawer fire resistant cabinets.


Moem Fire Resistant Cabinets

MOEM series of fire resistant cabinet offers protection for valuables against fire. MOEM series of fire resistant cabinet are the result of extensive research and development, designed to fulfill international standards. MOEM series of fire resistant cabinets is tested and certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.



Protective thickness of door and body

Overall thickness of door and body measures 50mm thickness comprising of MOEM special fire resistant barrier material encased between electro-galvanized steel (EG) door and body.

Individual compartments

Inner compartment is designed individually. The independent allows individual protection against fire should any drawers be left open in case of fire.

Heavy duty metal railling

The drawers are suspended on heavy duty metal railing with metal bearing rollers for added strength and durability. The drawers are capable of taking weight up to 80kg UDL. The heavy railings are rainbow coated for resistance against rust.

Double toungue and groove construction

The advanced S-design construction between body and drawer front prevents the passage of flame. Intumescent strips are used for added protection against the passage of flame.

Locking system

The fire resistant cabinet is secured by key lock and keyless combination lock (central locking). The drawers are also fitted with flip lever that allows overriding of central locking for individual control options. Individual key lock and are available as option.

Plinth and handle

A special shock absorbing plinth is designed to break the fall. External user-friendly press butting handle is designed to allow maximum insulation without compromising protective thickness of door. Aesthetic look, ease of operation, user friendliness and injury free usage has been into consideration.


Epoxy powder coated.

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